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Mobile Development

We specify, plan and iterate all our mobile development work in a pragmatic SCRUM model using our Atlassian SAAS toolbox (JIRA, Greenhopper, Confluence, Tempo, Balsamiq, etc.) and save all releases and source code in Github.

Mobile Strategy

Analyze where you are today. How are you meeting your clients online today? What’s the online and eventual retail strategy and how can a mobile strategy connect to that? Where to start, build a responsive, web-based or native app?

Mobile Design

Our mobile designs are based on your existing brand and website or could come up from a totally new brand derived from some basic user scenario or specifications about what to produce.

Campaign Management

Many of our clients work on several national markets and have very limited experiences in mobile marketing. They use our professional services to create, send out, overview and follow up on their mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile CRM

CRM could of course be done in numerous ways in the mobile. We use channels as SMS, MMS, email, voice messages and display and text ads to acquire, grow and keep our clients customers.

Help Desk & Support

For most of the clients we also set up a basic help desk & support account to be able to get surveillance, maintenance and fast help whenever they need so for a website, app or other service we have build or set up for them.

Talents from all around the world.

Sofie Hedlund

Sofie Hedlund

Designer & Production Manager

Here I get a lot of freedom with responsibility and new challenges every month.

Jesper Såge

Jesper Såge

Web Developer

At Globalmouth I have the opportunity to always learn new things and teach other people things that I’m good at. We all ways help each other and have a really good work environment which makes the work more fun.

Daniel Hoffman Bernardes

Daniel Hoffman Bernardes

Web Developer

It’s a cool place!

Look No Further. Working Here Is Great.

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